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Frases Famosas: Jerry Seinfeld

Jack Scholes

You have to motivate yourself with challenges. That’s how you know you’re still alive. Once you start doing only what you’ve proven you can do, you’re on the road to death. – Jerry Seinfeld


  • Main road (UK) / highway (US)

A big road between towns.

  • Motorway (UK) / freeway or expressway (US)

A wide road that is specially built for fast moving traffic tavelling long distances.

  • Dual carriageway (UK) / divided highway (US)

A road which has an area of land in the middle to separate the traffic going in opposite directions.

  • Ring road (UK) / beltway (US)

A main road which is built round a town, allowing traffic to avoid the town centre.

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  • T-junction (UK) / T-intersection (US)

A place where one road meets another without crossing it and forms the shape of a T.

  • Crossroads

A place where two or more roads meet and cross each other.

  • Intersection (US)

A place where roads meet or cross each other.

  • Roundabout (UK) / traffic circle (US)

A circular area where several roads meet; you drive around it until you come to the exit you want.

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Referência: “Gems of Wisdom – Inspirational Messages to Enhance the Quality of Your Life and Improve Your English” de Jack Scholes – Disal Editora, 2007. Leia a resenha.

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  1. Carlos says:

    There are also those carpool lanes, where traffic is restricted for cars with at least one passenger.


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