• Daniela DeCandia

    Cris, you ‘re the best, always!!!

  • David Monteiro

    Great article, Cris! Btw, can I call you Nancy? Just kidding! 😀

    You know, I’ve already heard, in movies or TV series (can’t remember now), young people say things like ‘my crowd’ referring to their (group of) friends or the like. I, myself, do like that word and use it a lot in the same context. Nobody’s called my attention to that… so far. Will you? Please feel free to if I’m mistaken…

    Changing the subject, a few years ago, I learned from an English Grammar book called ‘Painless English’ (I’m a grammar stickler as well and strive to say and write my stuff and nonsense correctly, but although I don’t, most of the times I stick to the fact that “I’m Brazilian and never give up!”) that the correct way is ‘It is I’, as you stated above. But I have to admit that it’s the first time I “hear” a native speaker “say” it, honestly. I mean, I have a lot of British, American, etc. friends and I notice (when we get together) that they never say ‘It is I’. Everyone always says ‘It’s me’ instead. And I, as a pretty (definitely as an adverb, cuz my appearance…) shy learner, decide to go with the flow to not get the same of what Bruce’s wife would get. Of course I’m exaggerating… 🙂 But please tell me, why do people (in the real world) never say it the right way?

    Gotta finish this by saying that Tecla SAP is a real fountain of wisdom! I always learn a lot here! I can’t thank you guys and gals enough, but thanks a lot! 🙂

    P.S. Sorry if I seem to be kinda crazy, right? It’s cuz I like to play with the language and also cuz I’m indeed crazy… Bye! 🙂

  • Jacque

    Great contribution! Love that!

  • Gus Foster

    Pleasant to read and to learn new stuff again, NCris!
    All the best!!!!

  • Joilson Lima

    Awesome! Thanks NCris!