Como explicar a “Lei de Gérson” para o estrangeiro?

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Jack Scholes

Lei de Gérson

[The law by which you take advantage of everything and everybody for self benefit, without thinking about how this will affect other people. Opportunism.]

  • A Lei de Gérson está em alta. Todos só querem levar vantagem.
  • Gérson’s Law is on the increase. They all just want to take advantage.


lei de GérsonThe concept of being smart, using connections and pulling strings to get what you want is a deeply rooted value in Brazilian culture. This may involve means that are not entirely ethical, or getting what you want at the expense of others. In other words, instead of a win-win situation, you have a win-lose one.

The expression Lei de Gérson comes from the name of a Brazilian football player Gérson, who featured in a famous and disastrous advertisement for Vila Rica cigarettes in the 1970s. The advert tried to show that this particular brand had an advantage over others because it was the best and the cheapest, and at the end Gérson said:

  • Você também gosta de levar vantagem em tudo, certo?
  • You also like to take advantage in everything, right?

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Referência: “Break the Branch? Quebrar o Galho – Common, Everyday Words and Phrases in Brazilian Portuguese” de Jack Scholes, Disal Editora, 2008. Leia a resenha. Compre seu exemplar na Disal.

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