Frases Célebres: Rumi

Tempo de leitura: menos de 1 minuto

Jack Scholes

Fear less, hope more.
Whine less, breathe more.
Talk less, say more.
Hate less, love more.
And all good things are yours.


To whine [SYN – to whinge (UK)]
To continually complain in an annoying way.

Say and tell
You say something to somebody.

  • He always says good morning to me.

(NEVER – He always says me good morning).

Tell is always followed directly by the person you are talking to.

  • He told me that you were here.

(NEVER – He told to me that you were here).

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Referência: “Gems of Wisdom – Inspirational Messages to Enhance the Quality of Your Life and Improve Your English” de Jack Scholes – Disal Editora, 2007. Leia a resenha. Adquira seu exemplar na Disal ou no Submarino.

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