Future (1): will

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A: This menu is so big. It’s difficult to decide what to eat.
B: I will want something with fish.
A: Hmm. They’ve got scampi, look here, with chips and salad.
B: Oh yes, I hadn’t seen that. I take I’ll take that.
A: And for me, I think, lasagne. OK. Now, where’s the waiter?
B: He is will be here in a minute.


  • will: forma curta ‘ll, negação won’t
    • You‘ll see Tom at the party next week, but Ann won’t be there.
    • Will Sonia be there? – Yes, she will. / No, she won’t.

Em inglês, will – em português, o presente

  • Em português, usa-se às vezes o presente quando em inglês seria necessário usar will/won’t.
    • Eu vejo você amanhã.
    • I‘ll see (I see) you tomorrow.


  • A previsão de coisas certas e imutáveis é feita com will e won’t.
    • We will know (We know) the result tomorrow. It will be (It is) in all the papers.
    • We have to put the clocks back an hour tonight. It‘ll be (It is) dark at this time tomorrow.
  • Freqüentemente, o ato de prever se baseia na experiência. Ele pode ser restrito/ressalvado pelo uso de perhaps, probably etc.
    • It’s Sunday so we (probably) won’t have (don’t have) any problems finding somewhere to park.
  • will freqüentemente vem depois de I think, I expect, I hope, I’m certain / sure / afraid.
    • I expect I’ll see (I see) Christine at the party this evening.

Decisões espontâneas

  • will/won’t é usado para expressar decisões espontâneas (p.ex., ofertas e propostas).
    • Oh, the phone is ringing. – I‘ll answer (I answer) it.
    • Red wine or white? – I won’t (don’t) have any wine, thanks. I‘ll just have (I just have) water.
    • I‘ll carry (I carry) that suitcase for you.


  • will/won’t expressam disposição/falta de disposição para fazer algo (p.ex., promessa, ameaça).
    • Tom will take (takes) us to the airport, I’m sure. Let’s ask him.
    • They want to cut down these trees, but I won’t (don’t) let them do it.
    • I‘ll be (I am) here, I promise.
    • I‘ll throw (I throw) you out if you say another word.


  • will expressa: previsões; decisões espontâneas (p.ex., ofertas/propostas); disposição.

Referência: “Grammar – No problem” – Christine House e John Stevens, Disal Editora, 2005. Leia a resenha.

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11 anos atrás

It might be important to note that “won’t” is short for “will not” even though “won’t” is more common in usage. “Will not” is usually used when stressing the “not” specifically.