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On stage (1) with Gilberto Gil

He always attracts large audiences wherever (2) he plays (3) in the world. At the end of May Gil was in São José dos Campos-SP and Maganews chatted (4) to him on the stage, just before (5) the show began.

Gilberto Gil is happy, in a good mood (6), and in fine trim (7). In 2008 he left his post as Minister of Culture and began a tour to showcase his new album, “Banda Larga Cordel” – and also to play his older hits. Maganews watched him rehearse (8) with his band, just a few hours before he began his gig at SESC in São José dos Campos. The rehearsal lasted about an hour and a half. Gil stood up (9) throughout, singing and playing without stopping. When the rehearsal was over, he could have had a rest for a while (10) before the two-hour gig started. But Gil remained on his feet up (11) on the stage to talk to a group of journalists. Gil showed no signs of being tired (12). On June 26th he will be 67 years old, but he seems to have the vitality of a 30-year-old. Maganews asked him two questions:

gilberto_gilMaganews: You have written some of the biggest hits in MPB, played shows all over the world, won a Grammy, been privileged to play a gig at the UN (13) and you have even been a Minister. What is left (14) for you to achieve?

Gilberto Gil: I don’t think there is anything left.

Maganews: Don’t you have any more dreams to fulfill (15)?

Gilberto Gil: My dream has always been to live well. I have never been ambitious. I just had ambitions to do good work in music. All I want is to keep on working in this area. Music is my greatest muse. It inspires me. I don’t want to be a politician. I don’t want to be number one. Why being number one? I don’t want to be a formula one driver. As long as I have (16) my voice and energy, I will keep on (17) singing, writing and playing.

ATENÇÃO! Clique nos links indicados neste e em outros textos para saber por que a palavra ou expressão já foi assunto no Tecla SAP. As armadilhas podem estar escondidas em qualquer lugar. Bons estudos e volte sempre!

Vocabulary – No site da Revista Maganews você ouve a narração do texto acima.

    1 stage – palco
    2 wherever – em qualquer lugar
    3 to play – tocar (gig = show)
    4 chatted (from the verb to chat) – conversou
    5 just before – pouco antes
    6 good mood – bom-humor
    7 fine trim – ótima forma
    8 to rehearse – ensaiar / “passar o som”
    9 stood up – ficou em pé (to stand up = ficar em pé)
    10 rest for a while – descansar um pouco
    11 to remain on his feet up – permanecer em pé
    12 no signs of being tired – nenhum sinal de cansaço
    13 UN – ONU
    14 what is left – o que falta
    15 dreams to fulfill – sonhos a conquistar
    16 as long as I have – enquanto eu tiver
    17 to keep on – continuar / prosseguir

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