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WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS – Freddie Mercury
ETM-001 – Vocabulary

Assista ao vídeo acima e procure identificar as palavras e expressões abaixo. Por enquanto, não se preocupe em entender a letra inteira da canção. Iremos trabalhar vários aspectos desta música em 5 atividades nos próximos dias. Clique nas palavras e expressões com links para obter mais informações. Elas apresentam alguma dificuldade especial de pronúncia, ortografia, de gramática etc.

  • DUE: (n.) A payment or obligation required by law or custom: debt. [dívida]
  • TIME AFTER TIME: Repeatedly, again and again. [repetidas vezes]
  • SENTENCE: Judgment; specifically: one formally pronounced by a court or judge in a criminal proceeding and specifying the punishment to be inflicted upon the convict or the punishment so imposed, e.g. serve out a sentence [sentença; pena]
  • COME THROUGH: To exist in spite of adversity: last, persist, pull through, survive. [dar a volta por cima; sobreviver]
  • KEEP ON: To continue without halting despite difficulties or setbacks: carry on, go on, hang on, persevere, persist. [continuar; insistir]
  • TAKE A BOW: Acknowledge praise or applause, as in The conductor asked the composer to take a bow. This idiom uses bow in the sense of “inclining the body or head as a token of salutation.” [fazer reverência; agradecer]
  • CURTAIN CALL: The appearance of performers or a performer at the end of a performance to receive applause from the audience. [agradecimento final dos artistas (geralmente depois que a cortina do palco foi fechada)]
  • FORTUNE: Success; luck; extensive amounts of material possessions or money; wealth. [fortuna; sucesso; sorte]
  • BED OF ROSES: A state of great comfort or luxury. Synonym: a bowl of cherries. [mar de rosas]
  • CRUISE: The act or an instance of cruising, especially a sea voyage for pleasure. [cruzeiro]
  • AIN’T: Contraction of am not. Used also as a contraction for are not, is not, has not, and have not.
  • GONNA: Contraction of going to, e.g. We’re gonna do it now.