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Naomi Campbell [o “P” é mudo!] is one of the most well known [uma das mais conhecidas] supermodels in the world – joining the ranks alongside others including [figurando ao lado de outras como] Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson and Gisele Bundchen.

Although [Embora] she is a familiar face in magazines [revistas] and fashion shoots [sessões de fotos], Campbell is also well known [bem conhecida] for her public bursts of anger [destemperos; desequílibrios emocionais; rompantes] that have gotten the model into trouble [causaram problemas para a modelo].

She has been arrested [Ela foi presa] a number of times [várias vezes] – mainly [principalmente] on charges of [acusada deassault [agressão] – and has spent time serving out her sentence [cumpriu sua pena] through community service and anger management [auto-controle] classes [aulas].

Cf. Falsos Cognatos: ASSAULT

Most recently, Campbell was arrested in April 2008 at London’s Heathrow airport on suspicion [sob suspeita] of assaulting a police officer [policial] after one of her bags [bolsas] went missing [foi extraviada].

Although the super model has had a history [histórico] of run-ins [entreveros; confusões] with the law [a lei], Campbell has also been a force for good [tem feito boas ações também].

Campbell is currently [hoje; agora; atualmente] working with the fashion world to help raise money [angariar fundos] as part of the Haiti earthquake relief effort [ajuda às vítimas do terremoto do Haiti].

Cf. Falsas Gêmeas: RAISE x RISE

There will be a charity catwalk show [desfile beneficente] with top designers [estilistas] and models in Bryant Park at New York Fashion Week on February 12 and in London on February 18.

Cf. O que “CATWALK” significa?
Cf. Ortografia: Décimo-segundo

Previously, Campbell has raised money for the relief effort after Hurricane [furacão] Katrina, in Tanzania [a sílaba tônica é “NI”] and Mumbai, India.

“Everyone else is trying to help Haiti, and we wanted to do our part [fazer a nossa parte] on the fashion side of things [mundo da moda],” Campbell told Bloomberg. “The response has been overwhelming [impressionante]. No one has said ‘no’ – which means a lot because it’s such a busy time [época agitada] with designers preparing their fall collections [coleções de outono].”

Cf. Textos Mastigados: Naomi Campbell: I have a deep sense of shame

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11 anos atrás

“catwalk” (in the context of modeling or fashion) kind of means “passarela” or “um desfile de modas”… it’s basically the platform that models walk down in the fashion shows. People have sometimes used the term (metaphorically) as “on the catwalk” to mean something like “in fashion” or “in the fashion industry”. In this case (where you asked in the blog), while it literally signifies the place where models walk, it suggests “fashion” or “moda”. You could translate “charity catwalk show” to “desfile beneficente de moda” (if my Portuguese is correct).