Resenhas de Livros: Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus

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Oxford University Press, 2008, 1008 pages

Learning new words is perhaps the greatest challenge for more advanced learners of English. With at least 650,000 words to choose from, native speakers often turn to a thesaurus to enrich their vocabulary and now learners of English can do the same thanks to the arrival of the Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus.

oxford_learners_thesaurusThis new and valuable learning tool contains 17,000 words and expressions to be found in over 2,000 entries which consist of the most frequent key words drawn from corpora of both British and American English. The clear layout and organisation make it easy to use and the brief objective definitions turn the process of comparing similar words into an enjoyable learning experience (not only for students!).

As well as a Thesaurus Trainer there are also sections with Study pages and Topic Maps with exercises. These offer extremely useful and practical tasks for self-study and classroom use.

The accompanying CD-ROM contains the full text of the Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus making it even more accessible. The topic sections come in full colour and the study material is available as PDFs for printing.

All in all, I think users of the Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus will find it becomes an indispensable desktop companion. So do not delay, procrastinate or dilly-dally – get your Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus now!

The reviewer
Terry Matfield – Director of Studies of Cultura Inglesa Mato Grosso. CTEFLA, DELTA, Post Graduate Diploma in TESOL.

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