Break the Branch? Quebrar o galho – Resenha do livro de Jack Scholes

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Break the Branch? Quebrar o Galho
Jack Scholes
Disal Editora, 2008, 152 pages

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Break the Branch?

Break the branch?

Break the Branch? is aimed at learners of Brazilian Portuguese as a foreign language, but is also an indispensable resource for anyone learning or teaching English in Brazil. As the 5th largest country in the world grows in global importance, there is increasing interest in Brazilian language and culture from abroad. This publication fills a gap in the bibliography of anyone who wants to communicate effectively with Brazilians.

Almost every teacher has faced difficult questions from students on how to translate the most colourful of idiomatic expressions from Brazilian Portuguese into English. Although the underlying meaning of a given slang expression may be clear from the context, most learners are keen to find an ‘equivalent’ term in English for their favourite ‘gems’ in Portuguese.

Examples from Break the Branch? include expressions such as xodó, vapt-vupt, toma-lá-dá-cá, saudade, pisar na bola, nem que a vaca tussa, muamba, embromar, cricri and many more. There are over 150 main entries and hundreds of tips on abbreviations, acronyms, antonyms, collocations, colloquialisms, common mistakes, connotations, conversational gambits, culture, customs, fixed expressions, functions, gestures, grammar, idiomatic expressions, popular sayings, pronunciation, register, slang, spelling, suffixes, synonyms, usage, vocabulary, word building, word families and word origins.

If you know any non-native speakers of Brazilian Portuguese, this fascinating book will make the ideal gift for a birthday, ‘Secret Santa’, Valentine’s Day or for no special occasion whatsoever! I also recommend it for school staffrooms and coffee tables! After all, you never know when you might need to Break the Branch!

Adquira seu exemplar na Amazon.

The reviewer

Graeme Hodgson has a degree in English & Psychology, an M.A. in Applied Linguistics and an MBA in Business Management. He has taught English since 1989 and trained teachers all over Latin America. He is currently English Language Director for the British Council.

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