Gems of wisdom: I know my wife so well…

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Jack Scholes

I know my wife Mercedes so well now (after our 30-year relationship) that I have not the slightest idea who she really is.

Gabriel García Márques

Gabriel García Márques

A 30-year relationship – numbers and measurement

In measurements we often use the structure – number + noun + noun. Note that:

1 The number is usually joined to the first noun with a hyphen ( – ).
2 The first noun is used in the singular.

Here are a few more examples:

  • A three-hour journey. (NOT – A three-hours journey).
  • A ten-dollar bill. (NOT – A ten-dollars bill).
  • A five-litre can.
  • A six-foot man.
  • A six-day course.
  • A two-person tent.
  • An eight-pound turkey.

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Very small in degree. Some common collocations with slight are:

  • A slight increase.
  • A slight change.
  • A slight delay.
  • A slight difference.
  • A slight headache.

I haven’t the slightest idea (= I have no idea at all).

This expression is commonly used to emphasize that you do not know or understand something at all. With the same meaning you can also say –

  • I haven’t the faintest idea.
  • I haven’t the foggiest idea.
  • I haven’t the first idea.
  • I have no idea.

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Referência: “Gems of Wisdom – Inspirational Messages to Enhance the Quality of Your Life and Improve Your English” de Jack Scholes – Disal Editora, 2007. Leia a resenha.

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