Homógrafas: WOUND (pt, pp of WIND) / WOUND (n.; v.)

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WOUND (pt, pp of WIND) / WOUND (n.; v.)


WOUND: /uaund/ past tense and past participle of “wind” /uaind/ [enrolado]. WIND: to wrap something around another object or a center; to encircle. [enrolar]

WOUND: /wund/ (1) (n.) an injury especially one in which the skin is torn, cut or perforated. [ferimento, ferida, lesão] (2) (v.) cause injuries or bodily harm to [ferir]

  • The bandage was wound around the wound.
  • A bandagem foi enrolada em torno do ferimento.

Cf. O que significa “WIND UP”?

Referência: “Guia Tecla SAP: Pronúncia”, de Ulisses Wehby de Carvalho, ©Tecla SAP, 2012. Leia a resenha.

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