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Sue Ellis and Terence Gerighty
Oxford University Press, 2008, 96 pages

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English for AviationBeing a pilot or an air traffic controller is one of the toughest jobs you can find. Sue Ellis and Terence Gerighty’s English for Aviation for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers brings new possibilities for the professionals involved in the area that aim to reach, keep and improve the level of English required for their activities. Dealing with a series of situations concerning the routine of air traffic, the book starts with an introduction to air communications and covers all events from pre-flight to the taxi to the gate at the destination. Creatively using vocabulary directed to specific situations, the authors work with basic and advanced structures and patterns and offer the user the tools necessary for effective and accurate communication. Pronunciation, pointing out stress, rhythm and intonation helps non-native English speakers to come closer to the performance required. Readings and texts showing situations that can be found in daily activities reinforce the use of correct standard phraseology and provide the speaker skills to face emergency situations. Each unit contains practical exercises, a listening part with role-plays and specific texts, besides photos and illustrations that can be developed independently and allow the student to put in practice all the material previously discussed. Ideal for self-study, it can also be used with groups in courses, for the subjects can be picked out according to the profile and needs of the participants. An audio CD, a CD ROM with exercises as well as a key words list complete this highly recommended material.

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The reviewer
Dirceu Gonçalves – Graduated in Basic and Advanced English Language Instructor Course and Distinguished Graduated in English Language Training Systems Management by the Department of Defense – USA. Former Air Traffic Controller, taught English for Air Traffic Controllers for nineteen years.

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