2. Austrian star humiliates Nazis, 1938

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Ulisses Wehby de Carvalho

Este é o segundo artigo da série “10 histórias sobre futebol e política“.

2. Austrian star humiliates Nazis, 1938

by Matthew Weiner for CNN

Austria had [possuía] one of the game’s greatest sides [um dos melhores times de futebol] in the 1930s [na década de 1930], but when the Nazis [os nazistas] annexed [anexaram] their neighbors [vizinhos], the nation’s “Wunderteam” were forced [foram obrigados] to withdraw from [a abandonar] the World Cup and merge with [se unir à] Germany.

austrian star humiliates nazis
Matthias Sindelar

Star striker [O famoso atacante] Matthias Sindelar so opposed [foi tão contra] his nation’s loss of independence [à perda da independência de seu país] that [a ponto de] he refused [recusar] to play for Germany. He pleaded [alegou] old age [estar velho], but Germany’s manager [técnico] Sepp Herberger would later recall [relembraria o episódio]: “I almost [praticamente] had the impression that discomfort [mal-estar, desconforto, incômodo] and rejection, linked to [relacionado a] the political developments [acontecimentos], had prompted [haviam causado] his refusal [recusa].”

During a so-called [chamado] “Reconciliation Game” to mark the merging [a fusão] of the two sides, Sindelar made his feelings quite clear [expressou claramente sua opinião] in a 2-0 win [vitória] for Austria. According to [SegundoGerman historian [historiador] Nils Havemann’s book “Fussball unterm Hakenkreuz,” the center-forward [centro-avante] scored his beloved country’s first [marcou o primeiro gol para seu amado país] and then, when the second goal went in [foi marcado; entrou (lit.)], he danced in celebration [comemorando] in front of [diante dos] Nazi officials [autoridades].

Cf. Falsos Cognatos: GERMANE
Cf. Falsos Cognatos: OFFICIAL

In 1939, Sindelar and his girlfriend were killed in his apartment by a gas leak [vazamento]. Controversy still reigns over [existe; impera (lit.)whether [se] it was murder [homicídio] or suicide — or just [apenas] an accident.


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