Como dizer “galera” e “turma” em inglês?

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Jack Scholes


[group of friends, folks, guys, the gang]

  • A galera é formada por adolescentes que estudam na mesma classe de uma escola.
  • The gang is made up of adolescents who study in the same class in a school.



[gang, group of people, usually friends]

  • Vou sair com a turma hoje.
  • I’m going out with the gang tonight.

Tips & Notes

Turma da Mônica [Monica’s Gang]

Created and written by Maurício de Sousa, Turma da Mônica is a very popular series of comic books. In Portuguese, comic books are called gibis or histórias em quadrinhos – (lit.) stories in little squares. The stories centre on the adventures of a group of six-year-old friends. All the books have been translated into many languages, including English. The four main characters, with their Portuguese and English names, are:

  • Mônica [Monica]
  • Cebolinha – (lit.) scallion (US), spring onion [Jimmy Five]
  • Cascão – (lit.) crust of filth on the skin [Smudge]
  • Magali [Maggy]

The characters, originally created in the 1960s, continue to be immensely popular and have generated a lot of merchandising and innumerable spin-offs, including games, music CDs, animated cartoons, video games, and a theme park in São Paulo called Parque da Mônica.

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Referência: “Break the Branch? Quebrar o Galho – Common, Everyday Words and Phrases in Brazilian Portuguese” de Jack Scholes, Disal Editora, 2008. Leia a resenha. Compre seu exemplar na Disal.