Como eu digo “gandaia” e “farra” em inglês?

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Jack Scholes

Gandaia / Farra

Dissolute life, spending too much time and money on physical pleasures.

  • No carnaval as pessoas costumam cair na gandaia.
  • At carnival people usually go on the razzle.



The word gandaia is often used in the expression cair na gandaia and implies that too much time and money is being spent on physical pleasures, especially in a way that most people consider immoral. Farra has exactly the same meaning as gandaia and you can use the phrases cair na farra or fazer uma farra. For example:

  • Fizemos uma farra ontem.
  • We went on a binge yesterday.

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Referência: “Break the Branch? Quebrar o Galho – Common, Everyday Words and Phrases in Brazilian Portuguese” de Jack Scholes, Disal Editora, 2008. Leia a resenha.

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Ulisses Wehby de Carvalho

Lilian, tudo bem?

Obrigado por comentar! 😉 Volte sempre!



[…] Cf. Como eu digo “gandaia” e “farra” em inglês? […]

Edson José Cortiano
Edson José Cortiano
11 anos atrás

You’re right, of course, John. I should have tempered my comment.
All generalizations are wrong (including this one, lol). What I meant is that the expression is not very common in the US, as these urls confirm
1) ‘be/go (out) on the razzle (British informal, old-fashioned)’
2)Razzle – Australian noun for cocaine. Origin
Derivation of the informal British phrase ‘on the razzle’, which means out celebrating or enjoying oneself

By the way, this last entry gives a good synonym for the expression: get wrecked up.

11 anos atrás

temos também Nite Out (nite=night) para se referir a gandaia, certo?

Luiz Augusto Lima
Luiz Augusto Lima
11 anos atrás

I think that is use mess.

Edson José Cortiano
Edson José Cortiano
11 anos atrás

I think you should make clear to your readers that the idiom ‘go on the razzle’ is British. American don’t know it and, of course, don’t use it.

Edson José Cortiano
Edson José Cortiano
11 anos atrás

sorry ‘americans’

John Knight
John Knight
11 anos atrás

I’m sorry to interrupt you but to state that Americans don’t know the expression ‘go on the razzle’ is misleading and untrue. I’m an American from northeast and is a pretty normal and commom expression here,maybe it’s not the most use but you it heard a lot. Regards