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Como Dizer Tudo em Inglês nos Negócios
Ron Martinez and Cristina Schumacher, Campus, 2003
Reviewed by Kaj Vardinghus

Como Dizer Tudo em Inglês nos Negócios is divided into twelve easy-to-use sections, containing selected expressions for skills, functions, and areas in business. Each section begins with an amusing quotation and, in some cases, a bit of advice on situational and conversational behaviour in English-speaking countries. como_dizer_tudo_negocios_ampliada.jpgIn addition to that, there is a well-written introduction which presents the content, the target audience, and the writers’ suggestions on how the book may be used in job-related and learning situations. Six short sections towards the end of the book contain Essential Business Words, Departments and Positions in a Company, Grammar Notes, How to Say Numbers, Incoterms, and Measure Conversion, all of which are especially useful to Brazilian English speakers. All the words and expressions are accompanied by translations and equivalents in Portuguese, and the book is full of practical tips about grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. So who is the target audience? Anyone who needs to speak English on the job or wants to improve his or her spoken business English, and then of course, business English teachers.

The writers have managed to compile their expert knowledge, Ron Martinez – his immense know-how in teaching lexical items and Cristina Schumacher – her familiarity with business, in a pleasant and convenient form. Together they make up the perfect writing partnership in this genre. Como dizer tudo em inglês nos negócios is without doubt another mega-hit from Editora Campus.

The reviewer
Kaj Vardinghus is an experienced teacher, curriculum designer, and materials writer. He has travelled all over Brazil as a business English trainer, and has elaborated seminars, workshops, and courses for some of the most important business English schools in Brazil. He is at the moment writing some multi-level course materials based on colloquial speech.

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