Como dizer “oxalá” em inglês?

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Jack Scholes


[God willing! Let’s hope!]

  • Felizmente estou com boa saúde. Oxalá continue.
  • Fortunately, I’m in good health. Let’s hope it continues.



OxaláOxalá comes from the Arabic ‘Insha Allah’ meaning ‘Allah willing’.

In the African Yoruba religion, Oxalá is a creator god and the oldest Orixá, or deity, of African ancestry. Yoruba also gave birth to Candomblé, an Afro-Brazilian religion which originated in Salvador, the capital of Bahia. Although Candomblé is practiced primarily within Brazil, it is also practiced in neighboring countries and is becoming more popular worldwide.

Other very common ways of expressing the idea ‘Let’s hope!’ or ‘God willing!’ are:

  • Se Deus quiser (lit.) if God wishes.
  • Tomara.

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Tomara is also often used in the phrases:

  • Tomara que sim.
  • I hope so.
  • Tomara que não.
  • I hope not.


Tomara-que-caia – (lit.) I hope it falls off – is a woman’s dress or blouse with no straps over the shoulders to hold it in place.

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