Not Just Hamburgers! Resenha do livro da Profa. Virginia Klie

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Not Just Hamburgers!
Aprenda inglês com as receitas da cozinha americana
by Virginia Klie, Disal Editora – 2003, 192 pages
Reviewed by Nancy Lake

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Not Just Hamburgers

Not Just Hamburgers!

This delightful “recipe book” is much more than a compendium of recipes in English and Portuguese. Organized according to a typical menu (from appetizers to desserts), the book offers a variety of recipes which can easily be prepared at home or in a school kitchen. Recipes are visually easy to deal with and come with a version in Portuguese on the same page, just in case.

The author has taken great care to guarantee the chef’s success when using the recipes. Notes at the end of many recipes as well as a whole section on technical notes are most useful for adapting measurements and ingredients of any recipe to our Brazilian kitchens. There’s also a special section on extra information about cooking which includes everything from conversions to ethnic influences in the US.

A user-friendly index mixed with a traditional bibliography, blended with a touch of grammar plus a pinch of vocabulary make for a delightful combination which is “not just a recipe book”!

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The reviewer

Nancy Lake is the Coordinator of Teacher Training for the CEL-LEP group.